Ruchi Singh - illustrator, writer


I am an illustrator, graphic designer, art instructor based in Vadodara, India. I specialize in children's book illustrations. I was born and brought up in Madhya Pradesh state of India. Growing up in a small town which had much flora and fauna, and in a house, which had a nice garden, was a blessing. Nature drew me towards the arts. It inspired me and it still does. It never ceases to surprise me with its beautiful creations, which encourages me to make my own beautiful creations. Thus, I write my own stories and I illustrate them.


My illustrations complement the writing, they add to the writing, enhancing its impact. And I make sure every element of the composition has a reason, a story to tell. The detail should make the viewer’s eyes run curiously all over the composition. I get inspired from folk arts and crafts. Lines and patterns are vocabularies of my illustrations. They always rule in my illustrations. I like to experiment with ways of storytelling. I see a story in everything in the world. I think of various possibilities in which a composition can tell a story. I keep drawing until I am satisfied with my artwork.

In 2015, I moved to Vadodara for a Bachelors degree in design, specializing in Communication Design from MRID, Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU Baroda. During my under graduation, I have interned with Karadi Tales (Chennai) and Vaw World Animation Studio (Bhopal). Presently, I have been taking guest lectures at Parul Institute of Design, Parul University, Vadodara. And I am working with clients including worldwide organization Barefoot College, Karadi Tales, Vaw World Animation Studio, and Bookosmia.