The short film 'Dreamers' is a narration and visualization of a poem by the same name written by me. Here is the transcript -

"You watch people,

They see you

That wouldn’t change

You can


You are a dreamer

Dreamers are strange

All men don’t understand


They would want to tether you

Lure you with the shelter

Don’t give them your hand


You are different

Made for the open

And for the vast lands


Make your way towards the light

The door’s always open

For the dreamers of wonderland


Keep going, keep going

You may step on thorns

You have to withstand


There will be

Times of doubt

Be cautious

May make you refrain


Overcome this pain

Believe in yourself

And your hard-work

Won’t go in vain


You are a dreamer

They may call you insane

But protect your dreams

Someday the world will see

The magical light you attain."